why you should make a VIN check before buying a used car

Ford VIN plate
Ford VIN plate

How can the VIN number help in selling the vehicle?

If you think that the VIN number is a small thing, it does count especially when you want to sell your second hand car easily. The combination of 17 letters and numbers found either on the firewall or dashboard of the vehicle or even in the engine and driver’s side door post provides you with vast information about the car. Hence, the potential buyer must initiate VIN check before buying a car.

Used car buyers benefit from the VIN numbers

VIN is just not a combination of letters and digits that identifies a vehicle. The number can be used in a number of ways. Usually people make use of the Vehicle Idnetification Number or VIN when you plan of purchasing a second hand car. There are websites available that allows you to use the VIN to check the full record of your vehicle and decide whether buying will be feasible or not.

The condition of the vehicle gets revealed

The MVR database can clearly showcase the number of owners using the car and the last time it was inspected. It classifies whether the car was stolen or the vehicle met with any major accident or road or was affected by the natural calamities. A professional and an experienced mechanic will be able to spot them, but the VIN check can reveal everything easily.

Stolen car purchasing can land you up in legal complications

Selling a used car is a challenging and a difficult task and in case it is a stolen car, it is rather impossible. In fact, if you happen to buy a stolen vehicle, you might end up in legal complications. This is where the VIN number plays a vital role by identifying whether a car has been stolen,unless the VIN number have been modified by the thieves.

Thieves often change the VINs of stolen cars

Altering or changing the VIN pin is not a new concept as the thieves often switch it with cars that have been purchased legally. The VIN is used as a positive identification number used for evaluating stolen vehicles. But, the smart thieves often cover things up on the dashboard where VIN is located. Without a search warrant, a police personnel is unable to check the VIN plate.

Thus, it is suggested that you must be careful and cautious with the VIN scams and fradulents that have become so rampant in the present day.